How to Audition

Sign-ins both nights begin at 7 PM, auditions begin at 7:30 PM. Auditions are held at Albany Civic Theater, 235 Second Ave., Albany NY.


There is no need to prepare a monologue; auditions will consist of readings from the script, unless otherwise indicated.  Sides will be made available.


If you have auditioned before, you will have a card in our files already complete with picture.  If you’re new to auditioning for ACT, then WELCOME!  We will snap a picture of you for our files, and ask you to fill out an index card with your name and contact information.


Each time you audition, you’ll be asked to complete a general information form, to include role sought and dates of availability for rehearsals, past roles, and special skills (singing, dancing, juggling, balancing spoons on your nose, that sort of thing).


Once auditions begin, you’ll be called up to the stage and given the number of the side to read, and the character you’ll be reading for.  Please state your name and the character name.  The director may stop you before the scene is through, or you’ll read until the end.  The director also could ask you to do the reading again, with different inflections, accents etc.  You may also read for character(s) you have not specifically asked to be considered for.  Enjoy your moment in the sun.


After everyone has read at least twice, you’ll be asked to step out into the lobby, while the director and production team talks about you.  Some folks may be asked to stay, some will not, neither of which means anything to anyone but the director.


We usually have two nights of auditions, you are welcome to come to both.


Beyond that, we ask that you relax and enjoy.  And auditioning is always more fun with a friend!