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Hello Friends of Albany Civic Theater. This is Kevin McNamara, the president of ACT.

A while back we asked students in grades 7 – 12, what their thoughts were about the year 2020.

We invited them to record their impressions in the creative form of their choice, poem or essay, etc.; keep it under 5 minutes long; and we titled it Voice Your View 2020.

Of the submissions we received, five students stood out. We at ACT were impressed by their keen insights and unique perceptions, and we look forward to sharing them with you.

So, visit our Facebook page on December 12th, at 7 P.M. and see what some of our young people are thinking about current events.

I can say for myself that I’m encouraged knowing these young people are our future.

Again, that’s December 12th at 7PM, on our Facebook page, and watch our local young people “voice their view, 2020.”

Take care and stay safe.


Kevin McNamara, ACT President

During the summer of 2016, ACT participated in an exciting project with the St. Agnes Cemetery in Menands, entitled ‘Graveside Chats, Volume I’.   ACT was thrilled to be invited back for the summer of 2017 to create Volume II of the Chats. With the knowledgeable guidance and inspiration of Kelly Grimaldi, the cemetery’s historian, members of the ACT family performed in filmed short scenes featuring prominent members of the Capital District area who are buried in the cemetery. The Chats were filmed on the lovely grounds of the cemetery in June by Jacob Siciliano of By The River Studios. DVDs of Volume I & II are now available from the St. Agnes Cemetery for only $20, please contact Kelly at 518-463-0134.

In the summer of 2016, Albany Civic Theater was proud to host the African American Cultural Center’s Summer Theater Arts Program.  The theater program consists of a presentation of original material written by the students, approximately 25 elementary/middle school age kids. The students had the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the production, acting as well as props, costumes, music and dance, and creating artwork for the show’s promotion.  To learn more, please visit the website at:

Albany Civic Theater regularly participates in events at the Irish American Heritage Museum in downtown Albany, NY.  Our partnership includes readings and events celebrating Irish contributions to literature and the arts.  Visit them at:

Albany Civic Theater is a proud member of the Albany County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

We are also a member of the Theatre Association of New York State.

Education Committee

Our Education Committee, chaired by Juliet King, provides opportunities for young people to try out their talent.  We are excited to give budding playwrights, actors and designers a safe and supportive environment to explore their interest in the theater arts.

Under the auspices of our Education Committee, we recently launched our ‘New Directions’ series, which features works and events our audiences may not see on our, or any, community theater mainstage.  We kicked off this new initiative with George C. Wolfe’s ‘A Colored Museum’ in the spring of 2016.

Internships Available

ACT is always interested in sponsoring internships for students who wish to volunteer their time and effort to community theater. Please call 518-462-1297 or email for more info.